Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the Summit!

    • A special welcome from Iya Funlayo, PhD

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    Summit Replays

    • Black-Owned Business Marketplace

    • Opening Prayers & Ancestral Songs with Iya Funlayo

    • Energy Healing from an African Spiritual Perspective with Iya J. Efunlayo Maxey

    • Self-Empowerment through Ifa with Baba Oluwole Ifakunle Adetutu

    • Talismans & Sigils: Using Power Symbols to Protect and Attract with Iya Jessica Baptiste

    • Pendulum Power: Dowsing and Beyond with Dr. La Toya Davis

    • Afternoon Interlude: Rev. Regina, Iya Baba Miwa, Market & Music

    • African Spiritual Anatomy with Baba Faseye

    • Nine Levels of the Soul: Understanding your Whole African Self with Iyalode Yeyefini

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    Summit Resources